April 21 Google’s Big Algorithm Change Is Your Site Mobile Ready

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April 21 Google’s Big Algorithm Change Is Your Site Mobile Ready

If not your SEO may see a decline. Google issued a notice back in February announcing not only their plans to change their mobile algorithm, but also providing the precise launching date for the new algorithm. Sites that are optimized suitably for use on mobile devices rank higher than their non-optimized counterparts, even on desktop devices.

Steps you can take to boost your site's mobile friendliness:

  • Review your site to make sure it is mobile friendly.
  • Gauge whether the touch elements on your site, including buttons and links, are spaced away from other elements and are easy to use,
  • Redirect mobile users on desktop URLs to the appropriate mobile URL, if you use separate URLs.
  • Avoid cross links that are not relevant.
  • If possible, avoid having your website rely on Flash, as it does not play well in mobile-specific browsers.
  • Evaluate page load time.
  • A well-optimized mobile website can help you to achieve higher mobile search engine results rankings, while also making it easier for customers to locate the information they need about your business.
  • TEST your website at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

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