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As the seasons change, lots of service providers build their business on reminding us to take care of the regular scheduled maintenance on our cars and homes. Your website is your company’s virtual office, where potential customer’s drop in all the time to see what you’re all about. Just like renovations increase the value a home, upgrades to your website contributes to your growing success.

1. Give customers what they need

Your site often serves as an extension of your customer service department. Be there for your clients by offering them the tools that they need to do business with your company efficiently. Expand your site and its functions to collect data and complete transactions you would have missed out on otherwise. Going mobile also sends the message that you want to meet potential clients, wherever they are.

2. Reach a new target segment

As you grow, so might your focus. Be careful not to turn prospective clients away by giving them the same experience they have everywhere else. Make changes based the new clientele you hope to attract. Build a customized experience for your clients so that they begin to see and understand your value in a fresh environment, developed with them in mind.

3. Push your branding

You know that separates you from your competition, but do your customers? Your online presence should be fierce. Be sure to focus on what your company does well. Highlight you products and services; be consistent in your messaging. All your content should focus on converting visitors into users. Don’t be shy about your accomplishments and capabilities. This is YOUR website after all, you have the freedom to brag.

4. Chart your growth

As your website brings more leads, you’ll start to see people coming and going without giving you a chance to interact with them. Increase your chances of converting those inquiries with call to actions that allow you to track users’ activity and needs.

5. Pick up the pace

Sometimes, sites take so long to load that I hit “refresh” because, there is no way a site can actually be that slow, right? Don’t be that guy. Invest in a responsive site that that will smoothly deliver the right content to the customer’s device at the right speed.

If your customers are like most people we study, they want to see professionalism across the board. You can’t say you offer great products with a less than perfect online presence. Let Creativo Inc.’ s Task Force do the heavy lifting and build your super brand. Contact us today to get your maintenance started.

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