2 Ways to Increase your Expert Reputation

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2 Ways to Increase your Expert Reputation

Visitors come to your site for many reasons, but the primary one is always to get more information. With so much online competition, it can be difficult to stand above the rest. Here are two proven tactics for increasing your search engine results and growing your reputation as an expert.

Share longer posts

If you have ever shopped at IKEA, then you know how frustrating it can be to follow directions that don’t actually explain how to get anything done. Lots of websites assume that visitor’s know the basic information they need to understand their content. This is an assumption that turns potential customers away, or produces low search rankings.
A recent analysis of Quick Spout found that whenever a post was longer than 1,500 words it received an extra 68% more tweets and 22% more Facebook likes than shorter pieces. Make your posts longer by sharing more ways to do great things.

Share more details

Help your visitors put your tips into action by guiding them through the process. Thanks to Michelle Obama, and thousands of Instagram accounts, there has been a surge in the fitness market. The internet has been saturated with tips for how to develop a fit lifestyle. Supposing you are someone who has decided to join this revolution, you would want as much information as possible to meet your personal goals. Simply being told to eat clean means absolutely nothing. But, reading a chart that details the pros and cons of popular food choices would help you stay on track.

Sharing more details ultimately makes your posts much longer. And that’s a good thing. The more you share, the better your ranking, and the more traffic you’ll enjoy.