5 Tips to Build Brand Loyalty via Social media

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5 Tips to Build Brand Loyalty via Social media

Social media has quickly become a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. While companies enjoy being connected to their customers’ fingertips, it’s important not to forget that social media platforms are a two-way street.

With information being so easily accessible, customers are turning to social media outlets for clues into brand quality, and then making decisions about whether they will back businesses with their loyalty. Here are five tips to make your brand stand out and your customers loyal.

1. Keep your Promise Every Time

User reviews and hashtags abound on social media and they award praise to those brands who keep their word.

2. Fix a Problem and more

You sold a lemon; don’t just fix or replace it. Award your customers’ time and loyalty with a response that offers more than what they are asking for.

3. Expand your Clique

Your target audience should be focused but not exclusive, be careful not to ignore any potential customer.

4. Respond

No one likes the silent treatment. Respond to posts, show them you’re listening, and enjoy knowing you’re the next big thing.

5. Post

Seems obvious, but be sure to actually use your accounts. Not sure how to put social media to work for you? Check out our post on how to implement social media into your marketing plan.