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Join The Conversation

The internet is buzzing with conversations about everything from Syria to the Kardashians. Somewhere in the middle of all that is a much needed conversation about the products or services your company offers. Like any successful business meeting, how you participate is key. To stand out as a leader you’ll have to make meaningful contributions, respond to inquiries and concerns, support those who ask for help, and develop relationships with those participating. Here’s how:


Be prepared

You’re in business because of your skills and knowledge. Stay connected to the current events that are shaping your industry and be ready to share your expertise.

Tune In

Google Alert and Google search are powerful tools for finding and tracking conversations that matter to your audience. Read through the forums to see if there are conversations you can contribute to.


Raise Your Hand

Jump in, share your comments, and include a link that takes readers to a relevant post on your site. The author of the thread will be happy that you’re engaging with them and, in turn, they’ll engage with you opening yet another opportunity to reach an audience you may have otherwise missed out on.


Don’t just hit send and run. Check back to see if anyone has questions or comments you can address. Let them see that you want to be a resource and who knows, they just might come looking for more.



When you post new content, it’s safe to assume that you’re also sharing the news on your social media platforms. A few days later, plug your hashtags and keywords into Warble. This tracker lets you see if there is another conversation you can join. Once you find them, respond to those tweets and link them back to your original content.

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