The National Hispanic Corporate Council

The National Hispanic Corporate Council needed to expand its influence among the Hispanic business sector

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The National Hispanic Corporate Council (NHCC) is an important resource for businesses in America to make the most of opportunities in the Hispanic market. Established in 1985, it functions as a collaborative community that offers its Fortune 1000 member companies invaluable insights and access to resources concerning Hispanic talent and consumer markets.

NHCC emphasizes a comprehensive approach to maximizing market opportunities, addressing various corporate functions such as human resources, marketing, supplier diversity, community relations, and executive leadership within the Hispanic and Diversity & Inclusion spheres.



NHCC hosts major events on a yearly basis to foster teamwork and knowledge sharing. To enhance them, the organization recognized a few critical needs:

  1. Website Improvements to make it more engaging and responsive to members' needs.
  2. Upgraded Membership Portal with new features to add value, improve the experience, and boost member interactions.
  3. Reliable Graphic Design and Print Support to make sure materials accurately reflected NHCC’s mission and values.
  4. Expert Guidance and Support in planning, rolling out, and communicating these initiatives effectively.


Our tailored services have played a key role in advancing the organization’s objectives and strengthening its impact on the Hispanic corporate sector.


Website Development

We streamlined and enhanced the user experience by promoting active engagement. Our development efforts focused on:

  • Events Promotion:We upgraded this section to better showcase upcoming events, providing detailed information, speaker bios, and a user-friendly registration process to boost participation.
  • Content Management:We set up a user-friendly system that enables NHCC staff and members to submit content seamlessly.

Membership Portal Enhancement

We upgraded the NHCC membership portal with essential features to boost engagement and access, including:

  • Member Directory:This searchable tool strengthens the community by improving connectivity among members.
  • Resource Center:An online hub offering easy access to presentations and materials, enriching members' knowledge and insights.
  • Business Exchange Directory:Facilitates networking and collaboration, enabling members to find and connect with diverse businesses.
  • Career Board:A platform for members to discover and pursue career opportunities, supporting professional growth.

Branding for Events and Programs

We have provided specialized branding and design services to enhance the visibility of events and programs, as well as promote NHCC’s values and professionalism. This involved:

  • Event Branding: We crafted unique, impactful branding and offered comprehensive graphic design and production support for events such as webinars, conference, retreats, and galas.
  • Program Branding: We developed specific branding for important programs such as the Latino DEI Collective, NHCC Conversation Series, and the NHCC Corporate Executive Development Program (CEDP). This involved the creation of Branded Microsites, which serve as centralized hubs for each initiative.