National Lime Association

The National Lime Association (NLA)
An innovative and interactive website

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The new site will serve as a reflection of the Association’s growth and commitment.

Our services included:

  • Streamlining the visual appearance of the site for impact, user friendliness and visual appeal
  • Implementing  a simple yet powerful content management system that NLA staff use to  easily maintain the website
  • Installing analytics to monitor visitor activity and identify high-traffic / frequently requested pages
  • Ensuring cross browser and cross-platform compatibility to allow fast loading and consistency.

Staff can easily maintain the website using the new custom streamlined CMS

Great efforts were taken to create a clean, slim, and standard compliant backend development to ensure cross browser and cross-platform compatibility. New database driven dynamic content has been implemented within selected sections to provide the ability to perform quick searches or filters of information allowing an organized and cohesive look and feel.

We continues to provide daily support for the NLA’s communications team

  • Developing custom in-house applications for managing sensitive data, with the ability to view, manipulate and generate reports.
  • Developing supporting material for members, including fact sheets, brochures and other  resources
  • Managing the online presence, including creating and maintaining related micro sites.