Do you really need a website?

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Do you really need a website?

As a branding firm you may assume that our answer is an absolute yes. It's not. We’ve learned through experience that you don't always need a website to get your business started and attract clients but you do need an online presence.

Once you’ve taken care of the branding basics - a logo, a value statement and a recognizable image

There are three key reasons
to bring your business online:

  • Branding and exposure - Having an online presence allows you to reach potential customers that may not be geographically accessible by other means. It also allows you to put your best foot forward by managing the image that your potential customer sees.
  • Marketing and sales - If you have an online presence that showcases your products and services this will open the possibility to generate more sales due 24/7 availability; allowing customers to buy when their desire strikes.
  • Communication - an online presence allows customers to reach out directly to you with sales questions about products and services or customer support matters.

But, websites aren’t the only way. New companies usually don’t have the bandwidth to tackle this endeavor.

Here are a few alternatives
to building your website:

  • About + or other online marketplace - These platforms are places where you can easily create a profile, highlight your products and services, and complete transactions.
  • Facebook - You can create a personal Facebook page and a business page to showcase your products and services. There are even features that allow you to run special offers and promotions. The Pages application also sends notifications anytime someone tries to connect.

Bottom line: There are many ways to get up and running, reach your customers and make those sales.

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